About Us

Gebco perpetually strives towards an eventual goal of a significantly greener future through use of our landscape and irrigation products. Our principles promote factors such as Earth conservation, environmentally friendly lifestyle and business practices, and sustainable use of natural resources. We also support environmentally friendly manufacturers and organisations, as well as eco-friendly products.

We are a multi-skilled team who have embraced an ever changing economic platform. We remain focused on the core business values of providing quality products at market related prices, and we endeavour to deliver with service efficiency. We do so with a smile and remain focused on what our customers’ needs really are. Our aim is to add value along the supply chain and for that reason we have utilised a skilled and stable sales force.

Our ultimate goal is to achieve a universal green consciousness which nurtures and cherishes our precious environment.

Mission Statement

To establish an efficient and progressive entity by

Building a trustworthy team culture amongst our employees
That goes beyond a single-minded vision, but rather one that
Encompasses the entire spectrum of individual talents and their potential


Opportunities are created through a framework of common purpose and teamwork


Providing a well trained, friendly and approachable interface
That offers an efficient and well-organised structure
That wants to deliver


Providing a second to none, world-class product
Serviced and delivered
By a team of highly talented and dedicated individuals


Add value and confidence to our single most important asset