Rain Bird

Rain Bird Corporation is one of the leading manufacturers of irrigation products, worldwide. Founded in 1933, their mission of intelligent use of water (using water wisely), means Rain Bird’s commitment extends beyond their products. Their first sprinkler was invented in 1933 and offered more reliable watering than other sprinklers of that time. Their first production model full-circle impact sprinkler was later used for golf course irrigation, agricultural and turf applications, with various post-models being made for customer-specific uses. By 1935, as sales and production continued to increase, they decided to build a new factory, which was completed in 1946. During 1941 Rain Bird introduced their first pop-up impact sprinklers, which allowed for easy maintenance. The company hasn’t stopped with its innovation and success trend, and with a rich history like this, today Rain Bird products are perfect for homeowners, professionals, golf courses and agriculture.


Microjet began as a small company that dealt with plastic injection moulding in Epping, Cape Town in 1970. They first got involved in the specialisation of small precision plastic components. Microjet manufactured them for many different industries – including fashion and electronics. During early 1971, in an Einstein moment, the Microjet was developed and patented. A world first and an agricultural breakthrough, the sprinkler was soon sold globally. A worldwide shift to low volume, low pressure irrigation systems revolutionised the irrigation industry – Microjet, along with the Israeli developed drip irrigation system, can be accredited for this global move. The failure of drip systems in the deep, sandy soils of the fruit growing areas of the Western Cape Province of South Africa catalysed the Microjet’s success as it served as the elixir to that problem. Proudly South African, the Microjet has stood the test of time, still used today and mimicked by manufacturers from across the world.