Benefits of Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation has certain definite advantages as a problem solver in difficult situations:

Netafim drip irrigation does not require high water pressure to operate. It is a low volume irrigation system, thus, in areas where municipal water pressure is very low Netafim drip irrigation still allows you to water your garden effectively and efficiently.
Compensating drippers – each dripper supplies the same amount of water and nutrients irrespective of water pressure, length of lines or slope of ground.
Netafim dripper lines can be added to existing sprinkler irrigation zones, even if they are of a conventional overhead type.
Cost effective, saves water – 30% – 50% when compared with sprinklers. Maximizes water conservation with no compromise to plant health
Netafim drip irrigation solves problems uniquely associated with indoor gardens, atriums and roof top planting such as wind, microclimate, mist, damp, drainage and run off
No evaporation from conventional sprayer mist or wind spray. No wastage of water on paved areas and no run off. No overspray of pathways and walkways – therefore no hazards or risks due to slippery surfaces or growth of moss.
Precise and efficient irrigation of trees and plants with no dry spots due to plant growth. Because foliage remains dry, there is a reduction in fungal diseases on plants.