Drip Irrigation Application

Garden Beds

Netafim drip irrigation is the most efficient way to water your gardens as it puts the water right where its needed – at the roots. No more overspray onto paths an into the air, the mulch stays dry and all the watering is done out of sight! Narrow strips, windy sites, heavy soils, steep terrain – all in a days work for this water smart system.


Tired of watching your water land every where but the lawn?. Put the water right where its needed as Netafim drip irrigation eliminates the problem of conventional systems throwing water where its not needed! No matter what shape or slope your lawn is, Netafim drip irrigation can water your individual lawn shapes with virtually no wasteage. Best of all you can be enjoying the benefits of lush, uniform growth and at the same time be watering whilst your playing with the kids on the lawn.

Vegetable gardens

Looking for a way to grow the maximum amount of vegetables yet use the minimum amount of water? Netafim drip irrigation is used to grow vegetables throughout the world. Why? Minimum water, maximum yield. Simply lay the dripperlines in a grid and plant to the drippers. No leaf burn or disease caused by conventional systems. When the crop is harvested just pull the dripperline to one side, cutivate the soil, lay down the dripperline and plant again…

Rain Water

Many people would like to re use their captured rainwater for irrigation but the thought of filling up buckets and walking this water to the garden can be quite time consuming. Netafim Tiran dripperline is designed to operate under very low pressures. With only 10kpa of pressure (thats the pressure at ground level when you have your water in a tank one meter above the ground) the Tiran dripperline will drip uniform volumes of water at each dripper in a garden bed. Just connect your rainwater to the dripperline in the garden bed and open the tap – now the Netafim dripperline does the work for you!

Grey Water

Drip Irrigation is the safest way to use grey water to irrigate your garden beds as it applies the water under the mulch leaving no exposure of any nasties.

Other Applications

Domestic Gardens

Housing Estates

Shopping Malls


Multi Use Sports Facilities

Roof Gardens


Steep Slopes

Walkways and Pathways


Container Grown Plants


Planter Boxes

Vertical Landscapes

Corporate Business Parks

Hotel Gardens


Golf Course Gardens


Roadside Landscaping


Wind Influenced Areas




Tree Rings


Greenhouses and Nurseries