Drip Irrigation Maintenance

The maintenance of a Netafim Landscape Drip Irrigation Sysem is extremely easy and user friendly. Dripper lines need to be flushed via the line end fittings approximately every 6 months to release any debris that may have found its way into the system and not already flushed out by the built-in flush valves.

Clean in-line Netafim Arkal disk Filter by shutting off the mains water supply, unscrew the filter body, take out the disc element and rinse under clean water. Wash out the disc body, replace disc filter and screw filter body back on, switch on the mains water supply.


In the event of the dripper line being severed or cut, simply join with a straight connector.


If the dripper lines have been moved, reinstate into correct layout.

Please note that in the event of using water other than municipal water, e.g. Boreholes, reservoirs, dams, rivers etc, a water analysis needs to be done so that proper mineral and ph balancing can be planned. If this is the case please contact us to discuss.