Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is Subsurface Irrigation a better way to irrigate than a spray and rotary system?
A: When you use spray and rotary sprinklers you use lots of water. When you use products like Netafim Techline CV / UniTechline AS, you save water. Lots of it! That’s because the water moves slowly through the soil profile, not through the air. So virtually every drop is used rather than running down the street, evaporating before getting to the plants’ roots, hitting the wrong places, being effected by wind and pressure, etc. And unlike sprinklers, it can adapt to any landscape shape because it is flexible. Even slopes and hard water areas are not a problem.

Q: How is the dripperline installed into my yard?
A: There are a variety of methods your contractor can use. If your yard has not been planted yet, simply laying the dripperline out and covering it with soil before laying sod or seeding is fast and economical. If the area is already planted, such as an existing lawn, a narrow-bladed trencher or special vibratory plow that buries the tubing in even rows may be used.

Q: What if someone damages or cuts through a section of Techline CV / UniTechline AS tubing? Can I spot it right away, and is it easy to fix?
A: If the tubing is accidentally severed, it is easy to tell because a puddle forms directly overhead. To repair a length of tubing you simply cut out that section and attach a new section with a Techline CV / UniTechline AS barbed fittings. Other than a knife, no tools or glue are needed.

Q: When I install Techline CV / UniTechline AS under turf, will I get green and brown stripes?
A: No. A properly installed Techline CV / UniTechline AS turf installation will give you more consistent watering and excellent turf quality with less chance of disease and water stress.

Q: What about “root intrusion”? How do I prevent roots from growing into the drippers?
A: Root intrusion is a problem that can be effectively managed using two different practices, listed below. Following any of them will help. Using all of them will assure a lifetime of protection.

  • Use Netafim Techline CV / UniTechline AS dripperline since it is the only subsurface irrigation product designed with a physical root barrier proven most resistent to root intrusion in tests conducted by the renowned Center for Irrigation Technology (C.I.T.).
  • Apply some water every second day. Running your Techline CV / UniTechline AS system for even several minutes a day (more may be required depending on your local climate) will help keep soil moisture consistant so the roots do not seek additional water.

Q: Where Can I Use Netafim Products on My Landscape?
A: Wherever you want! Netafim dripperline and point source drippers are very well suited to work wherever you could use a spray, rotary, or impact sprinkler. That includes turfgrass, gardens, large potted plants and trees, interiorscape plantings and hanging baskets but there are even more places where it is even a better choice than sprinklers. Consider the problems of narrow planting areas, slopes, odd-shaped areas, areas where wet surfaces are unsightly or dangerous, not to mention those hanging baskets and special plants. We can even help you grow a bumper crop of tomatoes in your vegetable garden!

Q: Does Netafim Really Save Water?
A: You bet! Netafim products have been saving water around the world for over 40 years. You’ll find us helping grow agricultural products, nursery and greenhouse products, as well as beautifying landscapes. We typically do it with half or less of the water compared to an overhead irrigation system, making us a great choice for people who want maximum plant health, growth and water conservation.

Q: What About Watering Bans?
A: All of us have heard or lived through outdoor watering restrictions or bans during droughts. And we will certainly see more restrictions as water districts grapple with strains being placed on the public water supply. Netafim products actually support sensible water use by using virtually every drop of water. That typically translates into Netafim products receiving an exemption when other forms of outdoor watering are being restricted or banned (check with your water management district for more information). That means you don’t have to worry about losing your expensive landscaping when it is hot and dry, all while knowing that you are doing your part to help conserve water.

Q: How Do I Get Netafim Products Incorp rated Into a New Irrigation System?
A: Talk with your Irrigation Contractor, Landscape Architect, or irrigation consultant about what you are looking for in your system. Explain that you want your landscape to grow to maturity as quickly as possible and that you want to save water. Tell them you want the benefits of Netafim products, and you can be assured that Netafim will help you see your landscape vision come true.

Q: Can I Add Netafim Products Into My Existing System?
A: Yes! The dripperline can simply be laid on the surface, stapled down to hold it in place and then covered with mulch. It’s fast, easy, and the plants and your water district will thank you.

Q: Can I Use Well or Lake Water with My Netafim System?
A: Yes. Netafim products are designed to be used with public water, well water and even lake water. A filter is installed with the system to make sure debris is minimized.

Q: Where Can I Learn More About Netafim Landscape & Turf Products?
A: Visit us on the web at