Gebco and Netafim

Gebco’s Management has for years been involved within the irrigation industry and by matter of chance was exposed to the Netafim Drip Irrigation Range. An opportunity existed for Gebco to become involved in partnering Netafim on its landscape range and after much trialing, research, testing and fact finding, we here at Gebco have been completely convinced by its overwhelming benefits. It was obvious to us that there is a much more water efficient and responsible way of irrigating landscape gardens. It was clear therefore that a business opportunity to add value to the irrigation industry as well as end users was imminent.

Our viewpoint is as follows:

To protect the industry from collapse should water restrictions be imposed in the future.

Be responsible in the way we educate users of irrigation to better utilize the water used within landscape industry.

To take advantage of advancements in technology that is readily available and so much more efficient in its application and installation process.

Be pro-active in heading the warnings as publicized by major suppliers such as Rand Water in Gauteng about imminent future water shortages.

Potable water could quite soon become extremely expensive and scarce, as has been to the case with electricity.

Water is life … without it we have serious problems to contend with.