Netafim Irrigation originated in Israel back in 1960. Kibbutz Hatzerim, situated in the south with semi desert conditions took this crazy idea of watering formed a company Netafim (“delicate drop of water”) and started experimenting.

They soon discovered that this method of watering had certain advantages over existing irrigation systems of which water saving was the most important to them.

The use of drip irrigation soon spread throughout Israel and the rest of the world. Today it is used extensively in more than 110 countries around the world with over 5.7 million customers. Continuous research and development have led to a whole range of products specially designed for the landscape market.

Netafim has become an international company with production facilities all over the globe. In South Africa, Netafim manufactures a wide range of its landscape irrigation components from a factory in Cape Town.

An interesting fact is that it was successfully used at the 2004 Greece Olympics

The Western Cape has embraced its unique water savings benefits and people across South Africa are now realizing its many benefits.