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Driven by the worldwide shortage of water resources, Netafim Drip Irrigation minimizes water loss through overspray, evaporation and wind, by applying the water at ground level, directly to the root zone, and provides precise and efficient irrigation.


With over 40 years of experience in the organic market, Gromor is known for supplying registered, grade-A quality organic based products, catering for retail, wholesale, nursery and agricultural markets.

Irrigation & Accessories

These superbly efficient and intelligent irrigation systems will save you time and money. They are undoubtedly well-established systems and are considered to be on top of the food chain when it comes to irrigation products.

Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting refers to the collection and storage of rainwater for reuse. It is efficient for most household/commercial needs and it will decrease your water bill, hereby promoting water conservation and serving as a brilliant independent water supply.

Water Storage Tanks

With an unpredictable climate and ecological activity, it is important to prepare for extreme situations. Water storage tanks are an excellent way to prepare for the future in the event of water shortages, even adding to your property value.